PRS Production Music Licensing

In order to use any music from the Mining Music website, you must purchase a PRS production music license. Simply register your details with us to download any of our music. Once you’ve decided on the length and usage, you can purchase the license from PRS directly.


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PRS Rate Card – Current PRS rate card PDF


The rates apply to production music, library musical works and sound recordings only.

The copyrights of these works are administered by the Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) and in the case of PROL licences, PRS for Music. Where the terms and conditions have not been agreed to, and/or a valid licence is not obtained at the correct time, the production music libraries reserve all their rights. Where appropriate, retrospective licences may be granted. These may be subject to significantly higher royalty fees than the standard rates.

Productions which are re-distributed with alterations are considered to be new productions and require a separate licence and payment. This applies to all rates except ‘per track’, ‘campaign’ advertisements and ‘per trailer’ rates.


Copyright is infringed by anyone who reproduces an unlicensed work, authorises that reproduction and/or requests the reproduction take place.

Facility houses, production companies and their clients may all be liable for copyright infringements where a valid licence has not been issued.

Any authorisation to reproduce prior to obtaining a licence and paying the royalty and other fees (whether expressed or implied) is subject to the fundamental condition that a licence is obtained and fees are paid as referred to in the rate card notes. Any such authorisation is deemed not to have taken effect without this.

Permission and/or licence to reproduce is not granted by the supply of production music discs or downloading a production music recording

Simple, affordable production music licensing

  • Our licences offer
  • Pre-clearance for many types of usage
  • Worldwide rights
  • All media
  • Productions covered in perpetuity

Our members offer you

  • Access to over one million tracks
  • Over 250 library labels spanning all genres