Mining Music – Production Music

Welcome to our downloads section, here is a list to all our categories and downloads available for each category. All our music is written with the intention of background, theme or supporting audio for TV Shows, Movies, Adverts/Commercials, Media Projects and more. The pieces of music are arranged into 4 main themes and are not sold to the public as a music release.

Using Our Music

We allow users to download our music at no cost, all we ask initially is to register for an account with us so we are able to track the history of downloads and usage etc. Most of our clients prefer to download pieces of music to see if it will work with their project, prior to purchasing a PRS license. Once you’ve downloaded any piece of our music, it should ONLY be used for reference purposes and should you wish to include any of our music in your project, then you are required by law to purchase a PRS production music license for its specific use and audience reach.